About Us

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The Marine Conservation Ecology & Management (MCEM) group is composed of an interdisciplinary team of ecologists and environmental economists led by Associate Professor Katrina Davis. Our research assesses optimal use of natural resources to maximise the productivity of ecological and social systems. Our work combines bio-economic and demographic modelling, non-market valuation and optimisation approaches. Current projects include resolution of marine human-wildlife conflict, assessing marine use and non-use values, spatial marine management, and theoretical work exploring how to treat choice-consistency in discrete choice experiment analysis.




Our research has been supported by the following funders:



A superfund for ocean philanthropy. Launched to coincide with the UN Decade of Ocean Science, 10% for the ocean are building a $15 billion superfund to amplify ocean recovery. 


The Global Challenges Research Fund supports cutting-edge research to address challenges faced by developing countries. It is part of the UK’s official development assistance and is managed by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.


The Marie Curie – Individual Fellowships (now called Postdoctoral Fellowships) support researchers’ careers and foster excellence in research.