Join Us

If you are interested in research opportunities in the following areas, please contact me to discuss potential undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral opportunities in MCEM:​

  • Conservation biology

  • Marine conservation

  • Spatial prioritisation approaches

  • Human-wildlife conflict

  • Marine protected areas

  • Discrete choice experiments

  • Coastal restoration

  • Bioeconomic modelling

​Included below is some information about funding opportunities for different academic levels.

If you would like to join us for a short research visit to collaborate on various projects where our expertise maybe useful to you, please contact me with a CV, a clearly defined research proposal and specific goals for your visit, a list of funding agencies that will support you, and some suggested dates. Requests to support visiting applications with less than a month in advance to the application deadline will not be considered.  Potential visiting scholars from developing countries are encouraged to apply for a Darwin Fellowship to come work in my team for up to 14 months. More information here.

If you would like to expand your research expertise through further specialised training in MCEM, please first explore the postdoctoral fellowship calls that Oxford Zoology supports (Excel file below). Then contact me with:

  • A CV and pertinent publications

  • A brief summary of the research ideas you’d like to explore together

  • A list of fellowships that you are eligible for, including the relevant deadlines (be aware that internal deadlines may be earlier)

In addition to the fellowships that we support (excel file below), you might want to suggest to me some fellowship calls from your home/continent/embassy for which you'd be eligible, and also pertinent ones from this online global resource.

Postdoctoral Fellowships Excel File

The application deadline for DPhil students at the Department of Zoology at Oxford is in January. Check out information about this program here. Please contact me well ahead of the January deadline (~October of the year before you want to apply) with the following information:​

  • The questions or hypotheses that you would like to test during your DPhil 

  • The study system(s) you would like to use and why

  • The funding bodies that you are eligible for and are pertinent to the proposed research

  • Your CV and any pertinent publications

Funding to do your DPhil at Oxford can be obtained through various internal/external fellowships. Note that to be eligible for much of the internal support you must be a UK or EU citizen - with the exception of funds like Natural Motion or Clarendon. Other funds that are worth exploring include the Rhodes Foundation, or scholarships from your own Institution/State/Country.

To understand what external funding options may be open to you, I recommend you contact the graduate office at your undergraduate university, chat with any personal contacts from your country who might have come to Oxford, or even your embassy/consulate. Private foundations can also offer fantastic sources of support for DPhil tuition and more, but these are not very well advertised, so may require some investigation. ​

The following website explains the various ways to come to carry out your DPhil at Oxford Zoology.​

Also, check out available funding opportunities in this document.​

Note that fellowships are very competitive - your chances will be materially approved if you have (at least) one peer-reviewed publication already.

Please note that while we can accept MSc students in Oxford Zoology, this is typically more of an exception than the rule. You may find more information here.

Oxford undergraduate students

If you’d like to do a:

  • Summer internship/project in my team and/or
  • 2nd/3rd year written essay/oral presentation towards your degree

send me an email with 3 different days/times when you could chat virtually to discuss feasibility. For the summer internship/project, I expect that you will have contacted your College and other pertinent financial sources to support you economically during this experience. Oxford Zoology does not support summer internships by undergraduate students who are not supported appropriately.


Non Oxford-based undergraduate students

If you’d like to do a summer project in my team, please contact me with a résumé and summary of your research interests, as well as summer availability. For projects longer than 1 week, the student must have secured external funding that will support the research experience (e.g. accommodation, food).