Marine user rights

Territorial user rights fisheries (TURFs) are an alternative marine management strategy that gives marine users property rights over defined marine areas. However, this marine management strategy is only effective if it is enforced, i.e., there are effective mechanisms in place to (1) monitor marine areas to detect poachers; (2) institutional or local capacity to apprehend poachers or non-compliers; and (3) political will to punish non-compliance. In these articles, we discuss our work assessing the drivers of enforcement on the central coast of Chile in South America.

Why do fishers in Chile put up with poachers?

Pannell Discussion blog post by Prof David Pannell (University of Western Australia) on why fishers in Chile would put up with poachers. 

Pannell Discussions 2017, Issue: 309

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Pannell Discussions

Redes, derechos de uso y beneficios netos

This article featured in the spanish Decision Point in 2016 - it describes our work on territorial user rights fisheries in Chile.

Decision Point en Español, 2016, E02:14-15. 

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Decision Point Online




Why are fishers not enforcing their user rights?

This Decision Point article describes our work on TURFs in Chile. 

Decision Point, 2016, 96:14-15. 

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Decision Point 96

Why are fishers not enforcing their exclusive user rights in Chile?

Global Water Forum 2017 

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Global Water Forum